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The path to Higher Profitability and Financial Health

passes through Expanding your Business

Why should you Expand?
Expansion into untapped opportunities is an important part of Business Health. It provides your Organization with a chance to move the Business into adjacent spaces, driving new levels of Profitability by either going into new Regions, creating new Business Models or approaching new Segments.

Who we have supported?
Bexser Corporation has a proven track of success through an unique business expansion and growth process, with over 20 years of experience implementing multi-million dollar projects while working at companies such as Intel, Marvell, CEITEC and the Brazilian Government.

What’s the Process?
Jointly defining and identifying where the Opportunities are through concept analysis, understanding and approval of the Investment needed to accomplish the growth, followed by full Implementation plan, aligning the Organization to achieve the same Results

Hardware Design Support
Bexser Corporation supported several companies in US during the design of phase of different Hardware Platforms:

Areas of expertise:

  • Embedded design
    • TI OMAP3530
    • Marvel PXA310/320
    • Freescale i.MX
    • Runcom RNA3000
    • ARM7/9/11/Cortex
  • Schematic and PCB design
  • Hardware prototyping
  • Android/Linux OS development